I was thinking about sending out Loki related gifts as rewards for stuff that happens here (1st person hitting 100 points, 1st species/division hitting 1500 points, that kind of stuff), but I’d like to hear what you think about it before making a decision…

Care to let me know, please?

Mission 6: Fanart #2

I haven’t ordered a fanart mission in a while, so here we go again!

(Remember Mission 2? This is pretty much the same thing.)

Send in your drawings, photos, short stories, songs, videos, whatever you want. There will be categories (depending on what you submit) and the top 3 winners will get 9, 6 and 4 points respectively. The restant submissions will be worth 2 points.

You can send more than just one work, but I will only rate one for each category, for example, if you submit 2 drawings, I will pick my favourite and rate that one, and only that one. In case you send a drawing and a photo, then you’ll be in contest for two different categories, so you’ll get points from both. (If it’s OTP related, it won’t damage your rating. Mun ships everything that breathes, so it’s alright.)

You can only submit works to the maximum of 3 categories, and that’s because I’m feeling generous today.

Your submission must contain your info (name and unit).

Due date: July 7th 2014 (I’m giving you almost 2 months because I understand people work and/or study or simply get busy with life. If for some reason you need extra time to submit your entry, just message me telling you’re participating but too busy to deliver on time and we’ll decide another date for you to send in your submission).

A moment of silence for the fallen.

  • Daniel (A)
  • Niamh (AW)
  • Set (AW)
  • Alexis P. (N)
  • Anahi (N)
  • Eliza (N)
  • Adria (S)
  • Beth (S)
  • Kat (S)
  • Steph (S)
  • Steph, the second (S)
  • Storm (S)
  • Alyssa (SP)
  • Angel (SP)
  • Emily Hill (SP)
  • Erika (SP)
  • Holly (SP)
  • Kaitlyn (SP)
  • Kiera (SP)
  • Kuro (SP)
  • Megan Keehl (SP)
  • Mercy (SP)
  • Rei (SP)